Kara’s Jiyoung, Gyuri and Seungyeon Reveal Solo MVs for Special Album

Following the release of yesterday’s music videos featuring Nicole and Hara, the rest of the Kara members have now revealed their music videos for their special album “SOLO Collection.”

The official album of “Solo Collection” will be in two different versions–Regular and Limited Edition, and it will be available in Korea on December 4. The Japanese version of their “Solo Collection” were previously released in September. Created by Sweet Tune, each of the members also worked on the lyrics of their own songs and also used their own ideas for the music videos.

Maknae Jiyoung‘s song “Wanna Do” features her and Supernova‘s Geonil in a sad love story. The song is a pop-rock track and uses strong guitar sounds.

Gyuri‘s “Day Dream” music video features actor Jung Seokwon. The song features a tango sound to it.

Seungyeon transforms into a rock singer for her solo track “Guilty.