Ga In Releases “Nostalgia” Music Video

 Ga In, the maknae from Brown Eyed Girls, makes a quick comeback with newest digital track “Nostalgia” featuring Shinhwa’s Eric.

On November 30, the single and music video were simultaneously released through various online music sites. Her official youtube channel states, “Gain, who has showed her musical abilities through ‘Bloom’ from Mini album ‘Talk about S’ is coming back with the song ‘Nostalgia’. Digital single ‘Nostalgia’ is a song that reminds us of a movie scene, having a beautiful mix of Gain’s vocal and acoustic jazz guitar sound. It also works well with the low voice of Eric to make great harmony. We hope that it will be a great present for those who will fall in love or already in love. “

Without further ado, here’s the music video!