[Spoiler Alert] Yoo Seung Ho Puts on Bold Moves on “I Miss You”

Fans might be excited to know that on the eighth episode of “I Miss You” that aired on November 29, Haeri (played by Yoo Seung Ho) finally summoned the courage to go for the kiss with the love of his life, Joy (played by Yoon Eun Hye). Haeri first asks Joy to open the door for him and help him pick out a pair of shoes.

Afterwards, Haeri tells Joy that he has something for her and presents her with a key-shaped necklace that he had kept for a long time. He takes it upon himself to place it around her neck as a reminder of his affections for her. And to make it ever clearer what his intentions were, Haeri leans in to kiss Joy who unfortunately rejects it by quickly turning away. Haeri looks heartbroken but tells Joy, “It’s alright. I can wait for you until you’re ready” and “This necklace looks better on you” before he leaves the room. 

What couple are you rooting for Soompiers? Was this couple meant to be?