Girl’s Day’s Sojin Takes Selca in Bunny Ears

On November 30, Girl’s Day leader Sojin tweeted a photo of herself in a cute bunny hoodie with the caption, “Peek-A-Boo everyone! I’m at the ‘Music Bank’ rehearsal right now. Mina and Haeri will also be introducing the contenders for 1st place, so please remember to tune in!”

In the two selcas that Sojin posted, she makes a paw in a cute cat-like gesture in one and a clueless yet adorable pose in the other. What stood out in particular about the selcas however, was Sojin’s gray hoodie which had two large self-supported bunny ears sewn on.

Netizens who saw the selcas commented, “It seems like Sojin is getting prettier by the day”, “I am always cheering for Girl’s Day” and “Sojin you are so adorable dressed up as a bunny!”