[Ceci] From Head to Toe: Celebs Share Their Secrets ft. Seohyun, Sohee, Suzy, Sulli, IU

Have you ever wondered how some of the celebrities can look so flawless in every picture and angle? Are they human or do they have a secret? Lucky for us, the celebrities themselves shared what they do to have such beautiful hair and skin.

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun’s Leg Makeup

Seohyun: “I don’t put oil, pearl or bronzer on my legs. Rather, I use body balm to make it look moist. I place the balm on the inner legs and near my calves for a slimmer look.”

Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Hair Cut

“A girl’s hair is her central focus. The bangs and sides are cut for texture. Cut the hair depending on the face shape to help make it look slimmer and you can easily style it to look pretty. You can pull back some of the hair behind the ears, but make sure to make it look natural by placing just some.” -Kim Eun Jin (beauty specialist)

miss A’s Suzy’s Finger Care

“If you want to have white hands like Suzy’s, use baby powder. Put a little bit of baby powder on after moisturizing the hands with lotion. The surface will look moist and the skin tone will look whiter.” – Hong Sung Hui (beauty specialist)

f(x)’s Sulli’s Kneecap Makeup

“Please use both cream and powder type blusher on the pinkish knee caps. First, moisturize the dry skin with body cream. Put a lot of cream blusher on the hands and rub in generously. Afterwards, put powder blusher in the middle and with a brush even it out on the skin so the color will last longer.” – Jang Hye Jin (beauty specialist)

 IU’s Bruise Coverup

“Use a concealer to cover a bruise and use foundation to cover the elbows. Use a concealer that matches your skin tone with a small brush that’s about the size of your thumb. With the brush, spread the concealer on the bruise, and follow it up with a concealer that’s one tone brighter. Use the foundation sponge you usually use for your face on your elbows for a finish look.” – Shin Ye (beauty specialist)

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