Seo Tae Ji keeps Promise with Fans from 20 Years Ago

Previously in 1995, Seo Tae Ji was asked “What would you do if and when you meet your fans 20 years from now?” His written response back in 1995 was, “I’ll buy coffee.” His initial reasons behind those words were that he would’ve retired in 20 years and if any fan recognizes him on the street, he’d be more than willing to treat the fan to a cup of joe or something similar to that.

Almost 20 years later, Seo Tae Ji is still active as a singer and most fans either forgot about this promise or simply assumed that he won’t be able to keep up with it. However, Seo Tae Ji has been secretly preparing to keep up with this promise without anyone knowing.

Seo Tae Ji will be opening “Seotaeji Cafe” on December 1 until December 9. Any fan who brings in a fan-item of Seo Tae Ji and/or Taeji Boys, such as albums, stationary goods with Taeji Boys‘ pictures, old fan goods, concert tickets, and movie tickets. Upon presenting this Seo Tae Ji related item, a fan would be able to receive a cup of Americano. The amount of coffee available each day is limited, so whenever “Seotaeji Cafe” is sold out of coffee, the cafe might close early. 

“Seotaeji Cafe” will also have Seo Tae Ji-related video/audio documents as well as other items. Sources say that Seo Tae Ji’s pre-debut video clip will make a surprise appearance at “Seotaeji Cafe.” There will also be small, but meaningful events, for both fans and Seo Tae Ji. “Seotaeji Cafe” will also visit those fans who live outside of Seoul on a “Coffee Bus.” “Seotaeji Cafe – Coffee Bus” will visit Daegu on December 3, Kwangju on December 5, and Busan on December 7. “Seotaeji Cafe” will also be available in Jeju Island at Joanne Studio from December 3 until December 7.