Brave Guys To Stop Releasing Songs, But Not Because of E-Sens

“Gag-Singers” Brave Guys from KBS’sGag Concert” announced that they have decided to stop releasing songs and added that this decision has nothing to do with E-Sens‘ controversial tweet. Brave Guys’ music management aency Winning Insight said, “The decision to stop releasing songs by Brave Guys is nothing sudden. We have been talking about it for a while now. It has nothing to do with what E-Sens said online.”

Previously, Supreme Team’s E-Sens wrote on twitter, “Honestly Speaking, it’s f—ing disgusting,” regarding how comedians imitate hip hop musicians as a source of entertainment, rather than talent. He later explained his initial tweet that his comment was not aimed at a certain individual and he was just making a point about how he does not like comedians and comedy programs make fun of hip hop music. 

According to Winning Insight, Brave Guys will be releasing their first and last regular album in December. This album includes 10 songs. Previously, Brave Guys became popular through “Gag Concert.” They released songs like “Wait and Be Prepared” from their comic segment and garnered much attention online and offline.