SPICA’s Park Joo Hyun Shows Off Her Teary B-Day Selca

On her Twitter on November 28, SPICA’s Park Joo Hyun uploaded a photo along with a message, “So many people have congratulated me on my birthday. Thank you so much. Please continue to love and support SPICA and myself. Thank you. I’m totally tearing up.”

Park Joo Hyun also added, “This is the cake the rest of the members of SPICA gave me. Thank you and I love you guys. We are the best team ever.”

In the picture is Park Joo Hyun whose birthday was on November 29. She is sitting in front of a cake her SPICA members prepared for her. She has two pieces of tissues underneath her eyes to show how thankful she is.

Netizens who saw this picture replied, “It’s a little too late but happy birthday,” “Tissue tear selca. Totally cute,” “It looks like real tears.”