Lee Ha Yi Shows Promise as a Sketch Artist

On November 30, Lee Ha Yi‘s agency uploaded the following drawing with the caption, “Lee Ha Yi sent us a drawing of her view from where she is staying in Hong Kong. She is staying there for her first performance for MAMA.”

Although not a professional artist, Lee Ha Yi displayed impressive drawing skills as an amateur. Fans were especially impressed by the level of detail and grasp of light and dark contrast Lee Ha Yi demonstrated. 

Netizens commented, “Lee Ha Yi seems like a multi-talented artist,” “Aside from the technical aspects of drawing, it’s an impressive sketch,” “To manage to find time to draw despite her busy schedule is an accomplishment,” and “If she had cleaned it up a bit more, it would have been an amazing sketch.”

Lee Ha Yi shared the stage with other senior K-Pop artists at the 2012 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) where she performed “It’s Cold” with Epik High.