Jung Woo Sung Looks Cozy With Go So Young in an Old Picture

On November 30 on an online community bulletin board, a picture was uploaded under the title, “Jung Woo Sung and Go So Young shoulder to shoulder before she got married.”

This picture is receiving a lot of attention because Jung Woo Sung has recently mentioned his connection to Go So Young on MBC’s “Knee Drop Guru” that aired on November 29. He stated, “I knew Go So Young even before we met to shoot the movie ‘Beat.’ We first met at a café where we worked together. She was so beautiful. I thought that this must be what a real woman looks like.” He then added, “So Young, if you get lonely, call me.”

In the released picture are Jung Woo Sung and Go So Young standing intimately together in a group.

Netizens who saw this picture replied, “Go So Young looks good beside both Jang Dong Gun and Jung Woo Sung,” “They would make such a beautiful couple,” “Jung Woo Sung and Go So Young could have been a couple,” “Jang Dong Gun is probably really jealous by now,” “They look like they are close friends.”