Will Yoo Seung Jun’s Ban Be Lifted in Korea?

Singer Yoo Seung Jun has appeared on Korean TV for the first time in 10 years and drew eyes for being emotional in front of everyone.

On November 30, the 2012 MAMAs were held where Yoo Seung Jun went on stage with two Chinese actresses.

Yoo Seung Jun commented, “Hello, I’m Yoo Seung Jun. I’m so happy to be greeting the Hong Kong fans as well as Korean fans for the first time in a while,” and waved to the crowd. Then, as if he was overwhelmed by his emotions, he couldn’t continue to speak.

Before attending the MAMAs, Yoo Seung Jun posted on his Weibo on November 29, “I am going to Hong Kong to attend the MAMAs,” and “I’m more nervous about this than going to the Canne Film Festival.”

He continued, “I’ll probably see a lot of juniors who I don’t know or recognize,” showing a hint of curiosity and excitement.

Yoo Seung Jun seemed to be nervous about appearing on Korean TV when he commented, “Since I’ll be showing my face on Korean TV for the first time in a long time…”

In related news, actor Jackie Chan made some comments about Yoo Seung Jun. He said, “I got to know Yoo Seung Jun while working with him in China. He is very diligent and works very hard. I am introducing him to many other Chinese directors. Their reactions toward him are very good so he is quickly rising as a star in China.”

In 2002, Yoo Seung Jun was deported by the South Korean government due to controversies surrounding his mandatory military service. This appearance at the 2012 MAMAs is the first time he appeared on Korean TV since then, which is probably why he was so emotional.

Meanwhile, the biggest award of the night, Artist of the Year, went to Big Bang. Click here to see a full list of winners and performers.