Girls’ Generation Seohyun Surprises Fans with Bangs!

Girls’ Generation Seohyun has completely changed her hairstyle and decided to get bangs for the first time in many years since her debut.

On November 29, to celebrate the 20 years diplomatic relations between Korea and Vietnam, Seohyun became one of the MCs of the MBC “Show! Music Core” that was staged in Vietnam. There, she showed her new hairstyle for the first time to her fans.

Seohyun was an MC along with fellow group members Tiffany and Taeyeon. With a white-tube minidress decorated with a huge ribbon, Girls’ Generation’s youngest member looked especially cuter than usual with her bangs.

On the show, there were in total 17 idol groups performing on the Vietnamese stage including TVXQ, Yo Seob of BEAST, FT Island, Girl’s Generation, INFINITE, KARA, Miss A, SISTAR, T-ARA and many more.