[Spoiler Alert] Park Yoo Chun Is Irresistible in “I Miss You”

On MBC’s drama “I Miss You,” actor Park Yoo Chun recently showed off his unique charms.

He received a lot of attention for his awful singing. In the drama, his character sang the song “Magic Castle” while he was thinking about the love of his life Soo Yeon. Even though this was a romantically sad song, viewers still found it funny as Park Yoo Chun sang it out of tune.

Park Yoo Chun also showed off his awkward dance moves as he danced with Soo Yeon’s mother Song Ok Sook.

Early on, he has only shown the charismatic side as a cop but as the storyline progresses, Park Yoo Chun’s role is developing into a three dimensional character. Despite his perfect looks, Park Yoo Chun proved that he is able to do comic acting.

Netizens who saw this episode praised, “I didn’t know Park Yoo Chun could be so adorable. I love it,” “Funny singing and dancing! It must have been really hard,” “If you didn’t know him and watched the drama, you would think he really is a bad singer,” “Park Yoo Chun’s acting gets better and better,” “He is so different than his usual charismatic self as the JYJ member.”