Lizzy Wants to Be Called Pretty Not Cute!

After School’s Lizzy uploaded a picture perfect selca on her Twitter page.

It seems like Lizzy likes herself in the revealed picture. Underneath the tweeted photo, Lizzy expressed happiness and wrote, “Whoopee! I look very lady-like in the picture, I really like this picture.” Recently, Lizzy shared that she wanted to be called womanly and sexy instead of cute.

In the picture, Lizzy looks amazingly attractive. She’s wearing smoky eyeliners that match lovely with her light-brown curly hair. The singer shows off her slim face and a light smile while looking at the camera. She is absolutely stunning!

Netizens commented on Lizzy’s Twitter, “You are so beautiful Lizzy!” “Wow, you look very attractive,” “Your skin shines, I am so jealous,” and “You have become more beautiful and cute!”