Wonder Girls’ Sohee Shocks the Netizens With Her Unrealistic Beauty

Recently on an online community bulletin board, a picture of Wonder Girls’ Sohee was uploaded under the title, “Sohee’s beauty in real life.” In the picture is Sohee who appeared at an art gallery.

What surprised her fans the most was her incredible beauty even though she was not on a stage with full makeup and a glittery outfit.

In the picture, Sohee is wearing a mini-dress made of fur-like material and a denim jacket, and is holding a blue purse. Sohee actually looks even more beautiful in a normal setting than when she is on TV or at an event surrounded by cameras. She appears to be glowing in this photo.

Netizens who saw this picture admired, “This is what a true beauty is all about.” Netizens stated that Sohee would always be easy to spot no matter where she is.

Meanwhile, the gallery in the background was found to be photo exhibition titled “Little Black Jacket” that took place on November 28 at Seoul Gangnam Beyond Museum.