Kwanghee Wonders if Suzy Was Jealous of Sunhwa

ZE:A’s Kwanghee showed interest in Suzy even though he is “married” to Sunhwa.

On December 1, MBC ‘s “Three Wheels,” Kwanghee asked Suzy, “Weren’t you disappointed to find out that instead of you, Sunhwa was cast as my wife on the variety show ‘We Got Married’? I heard that you were also considered to be cast as well.

Suzy hesitated and Kwanghee added while laughing, “I guess you were really disappointed.” Suzy responded, “I saw the show a couple of times and felt you and Sunhwa made a great couple.” Kwanghee seemed to be a bit disappointed with Suzy’s response, maybe hoping that she would show a bit of jealousy towards Sunhwa.

Netizens commented, “I wish Suzy would come on WMG,” “Kwanghee, just be nice to your wife,” and “They really don’t make a good couple.”