New Albums And Singles Preview – 2012 December Week 1

Kara – Solo Collection (released)

01 Daydream (Park Gyuri)
02 Guilty (Han Seung Yun)
03 Lost (Feat. Jung Jin Woon of 2AM) (Nicole Jung)
04 Secret Love (Goo Hara)
05 Wanna Do (Kang Ji Young)
06 Daydream INST
07 Guilty INST
08 Lost INST
09 Secret Love INST
10 Wanna Do INST

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Kara releases a special album this year titled, “Solo Collection” which consists of solo songs from each of the members. These songs were first showcased at their first solo concert, Karasia which was held since the beginning of this year. Top composers and lyricists along the likes of Kim Seung Su and Song Su Yun took part in this album. There are three title tracks in this album which include “Daydream,” “Guilty,” and “Wanna Do.”

Shin Hye Sung – Winter Poetry (Dec. 5)

02 Must Be the End
03 Words I Couldn’t Tell You
04 Would’ve Been Nice If It Was You
05 End of December
06 Insomnia
07 One More Step
08 Last Summer’s Memory

Shin Hye Sung makes a new comeback one year later with a special album titled, “Winter Poetry.” Indie band, Mate members Lim Hun Il and Jung Jun Il as well as Lee Ja of Walrus took part in the album, making this album all the more anticipated. The title track this time around is “Would’ve Been Nice If It Was You” a British rock number with groovy rhythms. Both bright and dynamic moods mesh well in this song.

Brave Guys – A To Z (Dec. 6)

01 Say What I Need to Say
02 Drift Apart
03 Party People
04 Typical Breakup
05 2012
06 Continuously
07 Lie (feat. Airplane)
08 I Don’t Care (feat. Seo Su Min PD)
09 Spring Summer Summer Summer
10 Wait and Get Ready

Gag Concert’s Brave Guys finally releases their first and last album, “A to Z.” There are a total of ten tracks including the titular number, “Drift Apart” which has sad piano and string arrangements, song, and rap which is expected to quench listeners’ hearts this winter. Also included in the album are previously released tracks, “Wait and Get Ready,” “I Don’t Care” and “Spring Summer Sumer Summer.”

Wax Vol. 10 – Now & Forever (Dec. 4)

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Don’t Forget
03 Loving You (feat. The Name)
04 It’s Been a Long Time
05 Living Because of You
06 Fault
07 Woman Who Brings Happiness
08 Simple Breakup
09 Don’t Forget (INST)
10 It’s Been a Long Time (INST)

Disc 2
01 Women Eat Love
02 Can’t You Call Even Once (feat. Miss$ Tae Hye Young)
03 Love Once Again Leaves (Duet with Lee Ki Chan)
04 Can’t Cry
05 Alcohol is the Enemy
06 If It Was Like That (feat. Yoon Gun)
07 Hurts
08 Already One Year
09 Love Feel
10Breakup Story (feat. Jo Kwon)
11 Pencil Stub
12 April Came
13 What Is That Love
14 Bad Woman
15 Just Tears Just Tears
16 Show off My Man

Wax releases her tenth album, “Now & Forever” in commemoration of her twelve years in the music industry. Fans are given double the delight with two discs – the first consisting of new music, and the second consisting of sixteen hit love singles. The title track is “Don’t Forget,” a Kang Woo Hyun masterpiece which has beautiful string melodies. This ballad number will definitely bring out the best of Wax.

Ga In (single) – Nostalgia (released)

01 Nostalgia (feat. Eric of Shinhwa)
02 Nostalgia (INST)

Ga In releases a digital single titled, “Nostalgia” after having much success with her mini album, “Talk About S.” It is an acoustic guitar number featuring Eric of Shinhwa. The song is about feeling nostalgic and longing for someone. Ga In’s soft and pastel-like voice flows well with this mellow number.

Starship Planet 2012 (single) – White Love (released)

01 White Love
02 White Love INST

K.Will, Sistar’s Soyou, and Boyfriend’s Jeongmin have come together for their company’s winter single, “White Love.” This love song has a beautiful melody line and holds lyrics about always being there for one’s love.

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