Child Actor Moon Mason Confesses He Has A Girlfriend?

Cute child actor Moon Mason declared he was taken by child actress Park Min Ha on the latest episode of SBS’s 1000 song challenge.” MC Lee Hwi Jae and Jang Yoon Jung were taken by surprise by the sudden confession and asked Mason, “Did you tell Min Ha you were going to be on the show?” When he shook his head, they put Min Ha on the line to let the cute couple have a few exchange of words. 

Park Min Ha started off the conversation by asking, “How have you been doing? Have you been well?” to which Mason confirmed with a yes. Then Mason asked Park Min Ha what she was doing, and she revealed that she had been practicing for her performance on SBS’s “Strong Heart.” Park Min Ha also gave Mason some supportive advice by telling him to not be nervous and sing the best he could if he wanted to be number one. 

Moon Mason then gave his best rendition of 2AM‘s “I can’t let you go even if I die,” impressing the audience members with his mature expression of the lyrics. 

Viewers who saw the adorable exchange commented, “They were so cute, I thought I was going to die”, “They have got to be the youngest celebrity couple ever” and “I thought Moon Mason’s confession was the most adorable thing ever.”

Other special guests on the episode featured Lee Sang Byuk, 100%, Dal Shabet, Lee Sang Ho, Lee Sang Min, Cheon Myung Hoon, Moon Mavin, Moon Maden, Choi Soojin, So Chan Hwee, Min Ji Young and Choi Yung Wan.