Lizzy Playfully Disses Uee in Drama

Lizzy recently took a playful jab at fellow After School member, Uee.

On December 1, Lizzy made viewers laugh with her playful diss at Uee during an episode of “Rascal Sons.”

During the episode, Lizzy started to work as a babysitter, in order to save up money to make it on her own. She was trying to make the baby fall asleep but the baby kept crying. Then, she said, “Hey Uee, my back is about to go out!” Then the baby’s mother said, “Can you please stop making the baby cry?” Lizzy then replied, “I think Uee pooped.”

Previously, Lizzy appeared on MBC’s “Quiz To Change The World” and said, “I saw Uee naked and I can say that I have a better body.” Therefore, netizens took special notice since Lizzy “dissed” Uee once again during the drama episode.

Viewers who watched this episode commented, “Cute,” “I can’t wait for the next version,” “This is so daebak” and more.