Shinhwa Members Reveal Their History of Ideal Types

How come none of the Shinhwa members have gotten married yet?

On the December 2 broadcast of “Shinhwa Broadcast,” member Shin Hye Sung announced, “Why hasn’t any of us gotten married? There is a reason.” He then revealed the history of the member’s ideal types, which could help explain the dilemma.

He started off first with leader Eric. In 1998, he stated his ideal type of woman was one who has long straight hair and dark skin. Eric explained, “Back then, I had long straight hair and dark skin. My ideal type is myself.” In 2000 he added that the woman had to be a city woman who is at least 170 cm tall, and then in 2012 he mentioned again that it had to be a city woman. He said, “Before I said my ideal type was actress Kim Nam Joo. That’s the type. The stylish and neat type.”

For Lee Min Woo, he was quoted in 1998 regarding his ideal type, “I like all female celebrities.” In 1999, it was a chubby woman. In 2002, it was a woman who looked pretty even in jeans and a white t-shirt. In 2004 it was a chubby woman again. He reaffirmed with, “I prefer chubby woman to a skinny one.”

Kim Dong Wan was a picky one. From 1998 to 2000 he never spoke up about his ideal type. He explained, “In the beginning I didn’t meet women, you know that. Back then I was in a relationship with my work.” However in 2000 he chose a woman who is 170cm as his ideal type. “At that time I was in a relationship with a woman who was 170cm tall,” he confessed. In 2006, Kim Dong Wan said he liked a studious woman, but he disliked an easy woman or a one with big hands. He also hoped that she should be a kindergarten teacher. Also in 2008 Kim Dong Wan said his ideal type was an experienced (in love) A blood type woman. Finally in 2002, he said that his ideal type was a “pioneering woman” and he disliked it when the woman confessed her feelings first.

Shinhwa’s maknae Andy revealed his ideal type for the first time in 2007, eight years after his debut. He mentioned back then, “Anyone is good.” Later he changed it to “A woman who can make good kimchi” and then back to “I like them all.” On the show, Andy confirmed, “Really, I like all women.”

For Jun Jin in 2002 he said he preferred a woman who “is lively in front of other people but quiet with me.” After 2002 he said he preferred a woman who is the good housewife type, good to her parents, and a woman who cries sincerely for other people. “I really like a woman who helps others” he said.

Lastly, Shin Hye Sung said in 2000 that he liked a woman “with a lot of aegyo who always has knitting needles and a handkerchief in her bag.” Later it was a precious woman with a lot of aegyo to a cute woman with a lot of aegyo and then to a woman who does a lot of aegyo. He explained, “I still like a woman who is a little more feminine. I prefer that type than to a boyish type.”

Jun Jin joked, “After hearing that, I want to introduce you to my grandmother. She’s a pro at knitting. She has so much aegyo. At 72 she won a gold medel in aegyo.”