ZE:A Releases Comeback Photo Teaser For R&B Number “Beautiful Girl”

The members of boy group ZE:A are getting ready to make a comeback on December 7! Are you ready?

On December 3, Star Empire Entertainment released a photo teaser of Im Si Wan. He fits in with the winter season wearing a holiday approved knitted turtleneck sweater. His dark hair is wavy, covering his forehead. He looks down lovingly at a white rose, which he holds delicately with his right hand. The side reveals the comeback title, which is “Beautiful Girl” as well as their comeback date.

An official from their agency said, “‘Beautiful Girl’ is a sweet proposal song of one young shy guy who has only his music to offer.” Im Si Wan scared a few fans on November 29 when he wrote a part of the lyrics on his twitter.

Meanwhile, the members are currently busy participating in various activities from variety shows to musicals.