Actress Go Ara Encourages Fans To Stay Warm

Actress Go Ara wished her fans good health through the cold winter season on twitter, “Please remember to wrap your scarf securely around your neck so you don’t get a sore throat!” She also uploaded a couple selcas to demonstrate what she was talking about. 

Go Ara indeed looked winter-ready as she revealed her multi-colored caramel, beige and coffee-colored scarf wrapped snuggly around her neck. Even though the candid shots were taken aboard a plane, they seem as though they should belong in a commercial or magazine shoot. The cf queen proved once again that she looked photogenic in anything she wore. 

Netizens were breathless by the candid selcas and commented, “Wow, she’s as beautiful as a doll,” “She has such a clear skin complexion,” “Go Ara, please take good care of your health too!” “We look forward to seeing you make your comeback!”