Seohyun Looks Like An Adorable High School Student in Recent Selca

On December 3, fans shared Girl’s Generation‘s Seohyun‘s latest selca that they declared made her look like an adorable high school student.

In the selca, Seohyun is wearing no make-up, but still boasts a coveted milky-white complexion. Even after debuting five years ago, Seohyun retains her look as the youngest of the group with her round eyes and cheeks. After receiving her new set of bangs, Seohyun now sports a hairstyle that makes her look much younger than her age. Seohyun’s youthful features are especially accentuated with the haircut, making it believable that the college student might be younger than her identification card would state. 

Netizens who saw the selca post-haircut commented, “Is this a recent photo? Or a pre-debut photo?” “Definitely Girl’s Generation’s ‘Blue Ocean'” “Seohyun looks amazing with her new set of bangs!”