Yoo In Na Advises Fans To Dress Warmly for the Winter

Actress Yoo In Na updated her me2day with a selca and the caption, “It’s so cold! Please remember to dress warmly and wear extra undergarments like I do to avoid catching a cold! See you at 8! Tune into 89.1 MHz!”

In the selca, Yoo In Na wears a “ho hum” expression while riding in the backseat of her van. Her chin sits on her right hand as she lets netizens admire her naturally beautiful face. She appears to be wearing little make-up and her hair falls perfectly about her face. 

Netizens who saw the selca commented, “Yoo In Na, you’re adorable,” “Without make-up, you look like a young and sweet child,” “From now on, you consider going without make-up,” “You look comfortable for someone who wears undergarments.”