Lucky Male Students Share Experience of Having Kim Tae Hee as Their Tutor

On November 30, students that received tutoring from Kim Tae Hee gave an interview on JTBC‘s “Celebrity Scoop.” Turns out, Seoul University graduate Kim Tae Hee offered tutoring as one of her part-time jobs. 

One of her male students recalled, “To me, Kim Tae Hee was my senior in Junior High and attended the same cathedral as I did. By some part on fate, I also received tutoring from her.” He then revealed sticker photos taken long ago with the actress at a sticker photo booth. He admitted, “Before Kim Tae Hee would arrive, I would make sure to wash my hair and spray cologne.”

Kim Tae Hee was a stellar student who earned a CSAT score of 390 and thus gained entrance into one of the most prestigious universities in Korea. 

Netizens commented, “I wish I had Kim Tae Hee as my tutor,” “I don’t know what I would have done to her if she came to my house,” and “That’s the perfect school girl image.”