Big Bang’s G-Dragon Is Ranked Number One on Weibo

On December 3, group Big Bang’s member G-Dragon achieved 150,568 and became the number one search term on Weibo, which is the biggest SNS site in China. He was also the most searched person on this website with 73685 hits.

This is considered impressive especially since Big Bang has not officially made their debut in China yet. The sudden interest in G-Dragon occurred immediately after the broadcasting of MAMA on November 30 in Hong Kong. Based on this achievement, Big Bang is expected to be a huge success in China and other Asian countries.

Big Bang fans are extremely happy with this recent interest in G-Dragon. They stated, “This is the power of MAMA,” “I wonder how successful they would be in China if they make their debut,” “So Big Bang will be going to China?”

Meanwhile at MAMA, Big Bang has won awards for Worldwide Performance, Best Male Group, and Artist of the Year.