Gil Falls Asleep During Filming?

Netizens recently spotted Gil fast asleep during a recording. The screenshots, titled “Gil hiding and sleeping during filming,” were shared on various online communities and have caught many netizens’ attention.

The screen captures were taken from an episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” and shows Gil sleeping in the background. When the camera zoomed in on Kim Bum Soo, it also managed to catch the singer catching some z’s on a fellow member’s lap.

However, this was all due to Gil’s optical illusion t-shirt, which had a photo of him sleeping printed across his chest. For anyone who simply saw the screenshot, it truly appeared as if Gil fell asleep on someone’s lap.

Those who’ve seen the photo commented, “I really thought he was sleeping,” “Haha that’s pretty funny,” “I laughed so much when I realized what was really going on,” and more.