Park Bo Young Is A Living Doll

Actress Park Bo Young recently posted on her official website pictures of herself dressed as a living doll. With her wavy hair and yellow ribbon, the actress chose to dress with a sleeveless shirt and hot pants.

Park Bo Young’s remarkable features such as her small face, porcelain-like skin, round eyes, and slim legs and arms make the photos all the more lovely and charming.

The actress’ career recently skyrocketed more than ever since her release of the movie “Wolf Boy.” Her previous comedy movie “Speed Scandal” is ranked as number one of its genre, and “Wolf Boy” is placed in the top spot as well in the genre of melodrama films, making the actress the “Box-office value Queen” in the Korean film industry.

The television audience will soon be able to watch Park Bo Young live on December 6 as she will be one of the MCs for the MBC show “Great Inheritance Arirang.”