Infinite’s L Confesses that He Is Obsessed with Kimchi Stew

Infinite‘s shared his love for “kimchi stew” in a recent episode of KBS “Hello.”

L said, “I get easily obsessed with something that I start to like. One time, I fell for kimchi stew’s awesome taste that I started to eat it for three straight months.”

In response to L’s confession, Sunggyu smirked and said, “It was not three months. From what I remember, he had ordered the same menu for a year. When Infinite was training for the debut album, L would always go to the same restaurant to eat kimchi stew. Frankly speaking, I have never seen him eat anything else! He even made the chef of the restaurant feel offended. The chef thought L ate kimchi stew only because other dishes were not good enough.” 

L’s excessive obsession story made everyone surprised. Netizens commented, “L really has a funny personality,” “I need to check out that restaurant,” and “What is kimchi stew? I need to try it out!”