IU Draws Attention with her Deceiving “Topless” Photos

Screenshot of IU looking “topless” is getting the attention of netizens.

On December 4, NCSportsMMORPGAION” released its newest version “AION 4.0,” and along with it a commercial starring IU as a model for the game.

In the clip, IU looks lovely with long wavy hair and a hair accessory. Her bright and flawless skin with her gentle smile proves that IU truly is a beauty. However, the white tube top dress that she wears makes it look like she’s topless in some shots of the clip.

Netizens who saw the screen shots were surprised. “I was really shocked and wondering what this was”, “She looks like she lost some weight, too bad”, “Beautifully smiling IU FIGHTING” were some of the comments.

As the NCSports model, IU will meet with fans on December 4 in Seoul. The event is supposed to be great as IU will even dress up as some of the characters. The event will also reveal surprise announcements, the new theme song and dance, and other special features that will surely please the fans of the game.