KARA’s Goo Hara’s Looks Beautiful with “See Through” Bangs

KARA member Goo Hara shared another beautiful selca of herself.

On December 4, the singer put the picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Would this be the see through bangs..”

In the picture, Goo Hara looks like a fairy in a white sleeveless top and sparkly makeup. The angle of the camera focuses on her wispy bangs and large eyes. It looks like she took the picture in a makeup room.

Netizens also noticed her beauty and style. “Your see through bangs and expressions are fun~”, “Are you setting a new trend?”, and “Only confident people could have see through bangs” were some of the comments.

Goo Hara is busy promoting her special album “Solo Collection” with the other KARA members. She is also one the three new models for the soju brand “Chum Churum.”