BIGSTAR, D-Unit and EXID to Throw a Collaboration Christmas Concert

Three of this year’s hottest rookie idol groups, BIGSTAR, D-Unit and EXID, have been chosen to perform at a Christmas concert in the near future.

These three teams will be performing at “The Bugs Show Volume 1,” which will be held on December 22 in Seoul.

The collaboration of these three groups are garnering attention due to the fact that they were put together by some of the most famous producers such as Brave Brothers, Shinsadong Tiger and DM.

Each idol group is planning on performing various songs that were released through their albums. Hip-hop artist Dok2 and The Quiett are also planning on performing as guest artists.

Other guests include Taewan, who is in the same agency as D-Unit and Electroboyz, who are in the same agency as BIGSTAR.

D-Unit’s agency, D-Business Entertainment stated, “Each team will be singing tracks and giving performances that weren’t previously broadcast.”