Child Actress Kim So Hyun Reveals Struggle With Villain Roles

On SBS‘s “Strong Heart,” child actress Kim So Hyun confessed, “I have always had a hard time playing the role of the villain.”

 When thinking back on her role as the villain in “Moon That Embraces The Sun” she said, “I become sad whenever I think not receiving much love or support for my role. So without me knowing it, I almost started to feel actual dislike for Yoo Jung.”

She explained, “And not too long ago, I played the role of actress Jung Yoo Mi’s character (as the younger Hwa Yong/Hong Se Na), a villain in ‘Rooftop Prince.’ Yoo Mi was far more evil. To be playing such an evil girl with a younger child actress was difficult for me.” Yoo Mi’s character intentionally burns her sister’s face to become crown princess in ‘Rooftop Prince.’

Kim So Hyun however made a positive note stating, “My seniors have told me that listening to the critique and negative comments of viewers is good for my acting. Whenever I’ve read reactions, 99% of them are harsh comments directed toward me. But reading all the harsh comments meant for me feels weird. But I feel like I am beginning to process them better, so I smile while reading them.”