Viewers Are Delighted With Choi Si Won’s Playful and Arrogant Acting

Choi Siwon is receiving praise for his sly and playful as well as serious acting in the current SBS drama, “King Of Dramas.

On the December 4 episode of “King Of Dramas,” Choi Siwon has really solidified his role of top star Kang Hyun Min. During the episode, he perfectly shows off different sides of his character.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

A particular scene that stuck out to viewers was when Kang Hyun Min was rushing to save Anthony, who was in danger. Even in this serious situation, when a couple of female high school students recognized him, Kang Hyun Min greeted them with his playful arrogance.

Another scene was when Kang Hyun Min had to dive into the cold winter ocean for his drama. He complained to the writer, Lee Go Eun (played by Ryeo Won) to edit that scene out but in the end, he sucked it up and carried out the diving scene. When the scene was over, he hurried into his van and started to complain to his manager. Then, Lee Go Eun visited him with hot coffee and said, “You were really great today.” Then Kang Hyun Min slyly answered, “Was I like Brad Pitt?” with an arrogant facial expression.

Viewers exclaimed that these particular scenes made Choi Siwon shine. Ever since his first appearance, Choi Siwon shed his usual charismatic and dignified image and perfectly executed Kang Hyun Min’s ignorant and money-hungry image.

Furthermore, Choi Siwon’s diverse facial expressions and his cocky nature brought a new level of fun for the viewers.

Before the drama aired, Choi Siwon spoke at the press conference, “I had no pressure about comic acting. It was actually fun, trying to express my character and the set atmosphere was so much fun too. I really hope that viewers can have a nice end to their day with this drama.”

Viewers are continuing to anticipate Choi Siwon’s comic acting in “King Of Dramas” in the future.