SISTAR’s Soyu Melts Fans’ Hearts with Cute Charm

SISTAR‘s Soyu has showed off her cute charms as one of Santa’s reindeer by doing the “guiyomi player.” “Guiyomi player” is a recent Internet trend and where one counts from 1 to 6 with a cute tone and cute hand gestures. Many stars have been following this trend and it seems like Soyu tried it out for herself!

On December 4, SISTAR’s agency uploaded a video of Soyu doing the “guiyomi player,” which is receiving a hot response. In the video, Soyu acted out the cute gestures and words but seemed rather embarrassed.

It seems like Soyu is in a practice room as she melted the hearts of fans with her cute reindeer headband and her cute charms. Others complimented Soyu for her great body as well.

Meanwhile, Soyu participated in the Starship Planet Christmas digital single project, “White Love” along with K. Will and Boyfriend‘s Jeongmin.

Check out the clip below!