Secret Members Give Pointers on “Talk That” Choreography

Soompiers, have you always wished idols themselves would teach you how to nail those addictive dance moves to their songs without having to watch their practice clips over and over again?

Well Loen Entertainment has launched a brand new series called “Let’s Dance” that offers you just that!

After revealing their music video yesterday, Secret just released their own “Let’s Dance” to their title track “Talk That.” For fans who don’t speak Korean, the clip has also been subtitled in English.

Each member then goes on to demonstrate how to perform a dance move that corresponds to their assigned lines in the song. SECRET goes on to introduce two dance moves, the “Horror” and the “Shush!” moves. For examples, the “Horror” dance move, you bring your arm around your head to your cover half your face and for the “Shush!” move, you wave your index finger back and forth in front of your lips. 

Check out the clip below!