PSY: “I Never Said I’m Sick of ‘Gangnam Style'”

World sensation PSY denied reports of him saying he’s sick and tired of “Gangnam Style.”

Just yesterday, PSY shared his explanation through me2day, “I’ve never mentioned that I’m tired and sick of the horse dance, but false stories are being published.”

During the press conference held in Singapore on December 1, PSY is reported to have said, “Sometimes, honestly, yes I get tired or I get sick of it because I got so many requests to teach them. I already taught the dance to so many people, so many times but still the dance takes me here, to make a press conference in Singapore, so of course sometimes I’m tired of it, but I got to do it, it’s my job.”

On me2day, PSY claimed that he gets tired by giving dance lectures to everyone requesting it. Apparently, the expression PSY used during the press conference, “I get tired or sick of it,” has been misplaced to create subtle nuance difference.

Fans responded to his explanation, “I’m glad that PSY explained his statement,” “I’m sorry for misunderstanding you,” and “I almost misunderstood him.”