Kim Jang Hoon Explains His Relationship with Go Eun Ah

Singer Kim Jang Hoon fails to pull a prank!

On November 30, Kim Jang Hoon made a post to his me2day account saying, “Who ever knew a day like this would come? Go Eun Ah and me? I couldn’t dare to imagine, but I’m seeing her again next week.” His post created some confusion, however, the media and netizens didn’t quite fall for the prank.

Disappointed, Kim Jang Hoon left another message, “I made the post public, but no one fell for it! So I texted Go Eun Ah and asked, ‘Do I really look old that it’s impossible to believe that we are dating?’ Go Eun Ah replied, ‘Maybe I should tweet that we are dating?’ Go Eun Ah is so funny; she is such an amazing person!”

Recently, Kim Jang Hoon made an apology to the media, fans, and Go Eun Ah. He confessed that he was playing dumb to promote his new single’s music video.