JYJ’s Junsu To Hold Live Symphony Orchestra Concert

 On December 4, flyers for Junsu‘s series of performances at the Samsung COEX mall in Seoul were revealed. They will be held from December 29 to December 31. The title of the performance series is “2012 Xia Ballad & Musical Concert With Orchestra.” Unlike his previous concerts, Junsu will be performing songs from various genres such as musicals, ballads and even from drama soundtracks. 

His management agency C-Jes Entertainment also posted the image of the flyer to their Facebook to promote for the series and telling Facebook followers, “There hasn’t been an idol before Junsu, who has put on an all-live concert ballad series. Not only will Junsu sweep you off your feet with his charming vocals on ballads, but he will also be performing songs from musicals and drama soundtracks.”

The agency also went ahead and revealed a few of the public’s favorites such as: “For me, for me it’s music” from musical “Mozart,” “Can you hear me?” from musical “Tears of Heaven,’ and “Last Dance” from musical “Elizabeth.” There will be ten total tracks covered by Junsu in each concert.

After wrapping up twelve performances around the world on tour, Junsu will also have the chance to promote new tracks from his solo album. 

Attendees will enjoy Junsu performing “I Said I Didn’t Want Love,” “Lullaby” and three other songs in accompaniment with the orchestra. They will be from dramas that Junsu has received great love for and from his own favorite set of tracks. 

Junsu released this public statement regarding the concert series through C-Jes Entertainment, “Ever since I first debuted, I have dreamed of having a live orchestra concert to accompany my ballads. Since I performed “Tarantallegra” earlier this year, I hope to meet my fans at a different setting where we can share stories and I greet them warmly with performances that fit the setting.”

On the last day of his concert series, Junsu will be having a countdown with fans to welcome the new year.