Jang Bum Joon Says Busker Busker Is Simply on Hiatus

Rumors have been flying about Busker Busker’s possible break-up. 

According to Busker Busker’s Jang Bum Joon, they are not thinking of disbanding and blamed it on the misleading disbandment articles for causing the confusion and stated, “I was taken aback and upset when I heard the rumor.”

Jang Bum Joon clarified the situation further saying, “Busker Busker members decided to spend private time on 2012, and promised to make a comeback next year. I didn’t think singing alone on Afreeca TV would create such misunderstanding.”

Suspicions related to Busker Busker’s supposed disbandment started to grow in June when Jang Bum Joon appeared on the Internet broadcast, Afreeca TV. The singer sang a new single, “A New Song with Immature Lyrics,” which caused fans to believe he was following his own solo route.

In related news, the band has won the “Best New Male Artist” award and the “Best Band Performance” award at the “2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards.”