Oh Yeon Seo Wears Cute Pajamas To Sleep

Oh Yeon Seo revealed photos of herself fast asleep. On December 4, she uploaded the photos to her me2day saying, “Finally catching up on my sleep! You could say you caught the phoenix in her ten thousand year slumber. I hope everyone has a nice day!”

In the photo, the actress is fast asleep leaning on a comfortable neck pillow, covering her head with a hoodie from her pajama, and blocking out disruptive light with her eye mask. Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Unnie, you look adorable when you’re sleeping!” “Wow, you’re so pretty,” “You must have been so tired when you passed out.”

Oh Yeon Seo is currently filming the MBC drama series “Oh Ja Ryung Is Coming” and “We Got Married” with Lee Jang Woo and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon respectively.