Happy Birthday Yuri! 23 Cutest & Sexiest Photos of the Black Pearl to Celebrate Her Birthday!

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri celebrated her 23th birthday today, December 5. To celebrate her birthday, we dug up some of Yuri’s cutest and sexiest moments! 

Yuri shines in her elementary, middle, and high school graduation photos

 Yuri shares a lovely and playful selca with her fans

 Yuri shows off her SMTown cupcake on SM’s private plane

 Don’t know what’s lovelier: Dior’s Lady D bag or Yuri

 Yuri gives a huge banana smile for the camera

A hooded Yuri peers into the camera with a sad, yearning expression


 Yuri looks fierce for “Cosmo”

Yuri made headlines with this photo, where she proudly displayed her toned abs. 


Baby Yuri looks adorable in this photo taken 100 days after she was born

Yuri looks flustered to be with Jang Dong Gun before her official debut

Yuri looks stunning in this fan-taken photo at one of Girls’ Generation’s performances

Yuri displays her flexibility through a yoga pose

Yuri shoots hearts for fans 

The Black Pearl has a playful moment with her slippers

 Yuri flaunts her flawless face

 Yuri struts the catwalk, showing off her perfectly proportioned body

 Yuri poses with a cupcake

 Yuri looks elegant in a long ivory dress

She looks prettier than the flowers she holding

Yuri poses with a giant Mickey! 

Yuri shows off her gourmet peperos for Pepero Day! 

Yuri greets fans with a wink

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