Park Yoo Chun’s Tearful Acting Moves the Staff of “I Miss You”

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun’s tearful acting impressed his drama staff members.

On the ninth episode of “I Miss You” Park Yoo Chun showed his impressive acting ability with a realistic crying scene.

In the scene Park Yoo Chun is in an interrogation room with Song Ok Sook. As they share a lunch box together he breaks down and sheds great tears over the food.

“On the set the staff members were all moved by Park Yoo Chun’s acting. Even the male staff couldn’t help but tear up and applaud when it was finished,” a representative of the staff on set said. “Because he was able to portray the ambiguous but complicated feelings so well, the viewers will surely be captivated by his character.”

You can check out the preview of this episode here!