Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye Share A Sweet Kiss

tvN recently stirred viewer interest with a teaser for their new drama “My Flower Boy Neighbor,” which features Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye about to lock lips.

On December 3, tvN launched the teaser for “My Flower Boy Next Door” on their Youtube channel. Actors Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon, Go Kyung Po also made appearances on the teaser.

The teaser starts with Park Shin Hye dreaming of being able to pick out a good looking man from an imaginary closet from her phone. She chooses Yoon Shi Yoon out of them all and leans in to kiss him when she is awakened from her dream by someone who is knocking on her door furiously. 

Romantic comedy drama “My Flower Boy Neighbor” will premiere on January 7. In the upcoming series Park Shin Hye plays the role of a modern Rapunzel named Ko Dok-Mi, who stays shut up in her apartment and watches everything from afar, including her love interest Enrique Keum, played by Yoon Shi Yoon. Once he takes notice of her and approaches her, Ko Dok-Mi’s life changes forever.