IU Proves Her Continuous Popularity with Uncle Fans

Singer IU proved that she is still immensely popular with her male fans

On an online community, pictures of the singer were shared along with the title, “IU and the NCSports Development Team” on December 4. IU is currently the model for NCSport’s newest game, “AION 4.0.”

In the photos, IU poses with the development team at their office. She is seen wearing a cute white hoodie and, despite the cold weather in Korea, dark shorts with knee-high boots. Her beauty and long wavy hair sets her apart from the crowd of “Uncle Fans” behind her.

Even though the she was with them for only a short time, the men went into a frenzy, taking out their cameras and cell phones to take a picture. Despite the enthusiastic and energetic reaction from her fans, IU looks calm and collected like a pro.