Brown Eyed Girls to Become First Girl Group to Host “SNL Korea”

Brown Eyed Girls will become the first girl group to host “SNL Korea,” it was reported on December 5. This is the third season for “SNL Korea” but they’ve never has all members of an idol girl group appear as the main host.

“SNL Korea” has become one of the most popular Saturday night shows in Korea recently, especially after making its sketches “R-rated” since the second season. Their political satire and social mocking drew high TV ratings and a lot of top stars have hosted the show, with Jay Park being the latest show host.

For the Brown Eyed Girls, they’ve made their name known as “adult-idols,” not just because of their age, but also because of their mature image. In fact, they will have an “R-rated” concert later this month, titled, “Tonight 37.2 °C,” where only adults will be admitted.

Brown Eyed Girls will be the host of “SNL Korea” on December 15. Stay tuned for more news on BEG’s “SNL Korea”!