miss A: “There Are a Lot of Groups Coming Out These Days..”

The lovely girls of miss A had a chance to sit down for an interview with SBS E!. Lets see what they have to say about their latest song and their image.

# It’s great to have miss A back with a song that still shows your unique colors since debut. I’m curious whether you’re the same as the girl in the song “I Don’t Need A Man.”
Min: Even we think that we’re more on the independent side. Even how we were raised and just living in the city away from family during our trainee days.
Jia: We take care of our work on our own and even financially, you can say we’re independent. Of course this song is not about criticizing a person who doesn’t do those things, but it’s more about having self-respect in whatever one does and being proud of it.
Fei: One becomes more independent as she pursues a career and I think that she should become dominant as well.

# The song’s response is good. Tell me what the people around you have said after hearing the song.
Suzy: The response was good since the time we released our teaser videos. There were a lot of people who said our debut song “Good Girl, Bad Girl” struck a chord with them and that this song is receiving similar attention.

# The main phrase in the song is “I don’t need a man.” Is it right that you don’t need any man?
Min: Rather than not needing any, it’s more about not needing a man who belittles women and thinks that he can solve all problems by buying her an expensive handbag.

# It seems like the more time passes, groups have a lot more to think about regarding their career. Groups probably are more burdened in showing a more mature and awesome sides of themselves.
Suzy: I think that we need to show our color even more. There are a lot of groups coming out these days with different concepts so the public can be confused. Thus, we need to find our own color. Rather than a cute, lovely and adorable feel, it seems that charisma is more up our alley.”

# Since miss A matures and becomes more confident with time, we look forward to your unique color in the future.
All: We’ll work hard. If there’s an opportunity, we’ll take on individual projects. It would be great if you can look forward to our hard work.