LUNAFLY Reveals New MV “Clear Day Cloudy Day”

On December 5, LUNAFLY revealed the music video for their new digital single, “Clear Day Cloudy Day.” The song is the title track of their new single album, and is written by each of the group members. Following a soft rock beat, “Clear Day Cloudy Day” has a cheerful message to people going through hard times.

LUNAFLY made their debut in September with their first single, “How Nice Would It Be.” Back then, the group drew a lot of attention for having Sam Carter, the finalist for MBC “Star Audition,” but also because of their English singles that were first released through iTunes.

The group produced by Nega Network, the agency for Brown Eyed Girls, has mostly been focusing on live events since their debut. However, even with very little TV promotions, they’ve been ranked #1 in a Malaysian music chart, while they held a successful concert in Tokyo, Japan last month.

Enjoy the music video below!