YB & LeeSsang to Donate All Proceeds Towards Underground Musicians

It’s been reported earlier that rock band YB and hip hop duo LeeSsang will combine their forces to form a joint concert.

On December 4, both groups appeared at a club in Seoul’s Gangnam district for their showcase and introduced their newest song in front of reporters.

LeeSsang’s Gary shared, “We started working on this project with the thought of the type of music the audience at a concert will enjoy while we perform it on stage rather than seeking the next ‘hit.’ We’re satisfied.”

They also revealed a digital single titled “MadMan.” It constitutes a dub rhythm and is part of the electronica genre, which is an area both music groups have not tried in the past. They’ve decided to put the royalties into good use.

LeeSsang’s Gil explained, “We received a lot of love at concerts. We wanted to create awesome music that audiences can experience at concerts. We decided to donate all proceeds to underground musicians.”

Meanwhile, the joint concert will take place on December 23-25 at Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Palace and will also be held at Busan BEXCO on November 29 and Daegu’s EXCO on New Year’s Eve.