Lee Hyori’s Older Sister Opens Up About The Star

“Hyori is my younger sister but she is great since she sticks to her beliefs. I think she is a person who has a clear grasp of her future.

tvN’s eNEWS held an interview with Lee Hyori’s older sister, Lee Aeri, which aired on December 5. Lee Aeri opened up about her superstar sister and revealed Lee Hyori’s childhood and personality.

Although Lee Aeri was a bit taken back by the eNEWS team’s sudden request for an interview, she still agreed to give the interview. She had no makeup on and was wearing a hat but coolly agreed to appear on TV, which resembles Lee Hyori’s laid back personality.

Lee Aeri revealed that Hyori lent her 50 million won (about 50,000 USD) to open up her new crafts store. The crafts store did not show any signs that the owner is related to Lee Hyori. About that Lee Aeri said, “If people know that I’m related to Hyori, wouldn’t they expect me to do something as her older sister? I worry that maybe my makeup-less face and my plain clothing might be harmful to Hyori’s image.”

When talking about the top star Lee Hyori, her sister commented, “It was strange. She was the cute maknae (youngest member) of the family and suddenly, she became a celebrity and wore flashy clothes and makeup on TV. It felt like she became a different person and it was a bit hard,” and “But since she’s not really on TV these days, I miss that image of her. Even if she wasn’t my sister, I would’ve thought she was a cool person and female artist.”

Lee Aeri also talked about Lee Hyori’s cool and laid back personality. She said, “Hyori normally doesn’t wear makeup and just wears whatever is around. She’s been wearing this khaki colored jumper for 3 years and I don’t even know if she got it dry cleaned yet,” and “That’s how easygoing she is. So when I see her on TV, I almost think that she has multiple personalities.”

Lee Aeri also shared how she was worried in the past when it seemed like Lee Hyori was caught up in the glam and glitz of the celebrity life. But she said that she trusts Hyori now with her judgment and thoughts.

Lee Aeri shared that the only thing Lee Hyori lacks is a marriage. All of Hyori’s other brothers and sisters are currently married. Lee Aeri shared, “Hyori used to want to get married quickly. She kept saying that she wanted to get married since five years ago,” and “She didn’t say exactly when but since she’s already past the age, I hope she really makes a family soon and lives that humble life that she always wanted.”